Oh My Goddess


Wishing She was Like Beldandy

I posted in the middle of last summer on my ProfGandalf Tumbler a blog celebrating my 25 years of marriage with my wife Loretta who I compared with Belldady. (If you'd like to view that article go to"Married to a Magic Girlfriend) Having watched all the series available, she seemed rather pleased and occasionally teasingly calls me "Mr.Keiichi" especially when I am in a mess.  Of course as I said in the original article comparing a real human woman with an anime character is unfair, and occasionally she does have a temper--at such times I told her she reminded me more of Urd with her default method of dealing with annoying men "Bring Down Lightning!"  Then we began to watch Spice and Wolf.  And now here is a goddess with a temper and an occasional cruel side. . .which does strike me as rather "Urdish."  At any rate one day she sighed and said "You know; I wish I were like Belldandy, but I am afraid I may be more like Holo."  I tole her I loved both anyway.  And as I type this, I am betting that more people than my wife have seen two sides of their personality within the world of anime.

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