Toraichi Tamiya (田宮 寅一 Tamiya Toraichi?) and Hikozaemon Otaki (大滝 彦左衛門 Ōtaki Hikozaemon?) are the ex-directors of the Nekomi Motor Club. Tamiya (a dark-skinned, hulking man) and Otaki (who dresses in punk-style) are rather crude and brash personalities who make life very hard for Keiichi by passing on a lot of work to him. However, they have a great deal of respect for Keiichi's abilities both as a mechanic and a driver. In the manga, they pass the directorship of the Motor Club to Keiichi as they graduate. They were also both in love with the original director of the motor club, Chihiro Fujimi; however, she rejected both of them for the sake of the club. Tamiya addresses Otaki as "Dai-chan" (the Kanji "大" in Otaki's name is "O" but can be pronounced as "Dai") and Otaki addresses Tamiya as "Den-chan."

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