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Ah My Goddess
Episode 8
Japanese Title "Aa! Hensachi Sanjū kara no Ren'ai Juken!" (ああっ偏差値30からの恋愛受験っ)
Release date February 25, 2005
Episode Guide
Ah My Goddess Season 1 Part 1
January 7, 2005 – April 8, 2005
1."Ah! You're a Goddess?"
2."Ah! Those Who Believe Shall Find Salvation?"
3."Ah! Apprenticeship, Home, and the Goddess!"
4."Ah! The Queen and the Goddess!"
5."Ah! Living Under One Roof Together!"
6."Ah! A Blessing in Every Bargain?"
7."Ah! Where to Confess One's Love!"
8."Ah! Can You Pass the Love Test With Those Low Scores!"
9."Ah! The Queen and the Goddess's Secret!"
10."Ah! Can the Auto Club Triumph?"
11."Ah! A Demon has Come and is Creating Calamity!"
12"Ah! Compare and Contrast Goddesses and Queens?"
12.5"Aa! Megami to Kōkan Nikki?"
13."Ah! Who Does Big Sister Belong To?"
"Ah! Where to Confess One's Love!"
"Ah! The Queen and the Goddess's Secret!"

"Ah! Can You Pass the Love Test With Those Low Scores!" "Aa! Hensachi Sanjū kara no Ren'ai Juken!" (ああっ偏差値30からの恋愛受験っ) Aired: February 25, 2005

While trying to find medication for Belldandy's flu-like symptoms Keiichi meets a pharmacist who proves to be Belldandy's older sister, Urd, in disguise. She convinces Keiichi that Belldandy is ill because of a problem with the System, which can only be fixed if a sample of Keiichi's DNA is sent to heaven. Urd claims the best method is by physical contact, and the second best is for Keiichi to kiss Belldandy. Keiichi finds himself to do that, and so Urd attempts to force him to kiss Belldandy, but fails. When Belldandy wakes up and discovers what is going on she and Urd fight, until Urd's spell backfires, leaving Belldandy the victor. To Keiichi's dismay, it is then revealed that Urd has been condemned to remain on Earth until further notice.

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