Ah My Goddess
Episode 12
Japanese Title "Aa! Megami to Joō o Tenbin ni Kakete?" (ああっ女神と女王を天秤にかけてっ?)
Release date March 25, 2005
Episode Guide
Ah My Goddess Season 1 Part 1
January 7, 2005 – April 8, 2005
1."Ah! You're a Goddess?"
2."Ah! Those Who Believe Shall Find Salvation?"
3."Ah! Apprenticeship, Home, and the Goddess!"
4."Ah! The Queen and the Goddess!"
5."Ah! Living Under One Roof Together!"
6."Ah! A Blessing in Every Bargain?"
7."Ah! Where to Confess One's Love!"
8."Ah! Can You Pass the Love Test With Those Low Scores!"
9."Ah! The Queen and the Goddess's Secret!"
10."Ah! Can the Auto Club Triumph?"
11."Ah! A Demon has Come and is Creating Calamity!"
12"Ah! Compare and Contrast Goddesses and Queens?"
12.5"Aa! Megami to Kōkan Nikki?"
13."Ah! Who Does Big Sister Belong To?"
"Ah! A Demon has Come and is Creating Calamity!"
"Aa! Megami to Kōkan Nikki?"

"Ah! Compare and Contrast Goddesses and Queens?" Aired: March 25, 2005 "Aa! Megami to Joō o Tenbin ni Kakete?" (ああっ女神と女王を天秤にかけてっ?)

Still bent on revenge, Marller teams up with Sayoko, who steals the CD from Urd. Marller casts a spell on Keiichi, making him attracted to Sayoko instead of to Belldandy. Sayoko joins Belldandy and Keiichi and the three go to a dance club. Belldandy and Sayoko have a dance off, after which Keiichi declares that he wishes to stay with Sayoko, suggesting that Belldandy should go home to rest. Although the spell causes Keiichi to feel an attraction to Sayoko, his feelings for Belldandy keep surfacing, to Sayoko's frustration. After Urd defeats Marller by using rock music, and the CD is grabbed by a system bug, Keiichi finds Belldandy and reveals that all he wants is for her to stay with him, which she does.

12.5 "Aa! Megami to Kōkan Nikki?" (Recap Episode)[A] (ああっ女神と交換日記っ?) Aired: April 1, 2005

Keiichi and Belldandy discuss their feelings about their experiences together so far.