"Rules of the Ninja, Volume II" "Shinobi no Okite Shimo no Maki" (忍びの掟 下の巻) Aired: January 4, 1999

The ninjas enter the temple, intent on causing chaos. Mr. Patrol attacks Urd, but Urd deflects the shot and knocks out Mr. Patrol. The characters discover that Urd is a fake. The fake Urd attacks Belldandy, but Belldandy hands her a 500-yen coin, and "Urd" dashes away. The goddesses ask the real Urd what is going on, but she has no idea. Mr. Patrol discovers the ninja girls on the ceiling, and the goddesses demand to know who they are. Before they answer, they notice the time and dash off to watch their favorite ninja TV show.

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