"Female Detective Skuld's First Case... Mystery of Three Stolen Treasures: The Dangerous Trap Hidden in Steamy Smoke!" "Onna Meitantei Sukurudo no Jikenbo Wan – Nusumareta Mittsu no Hihō no Nazo Yukemori Kakusareta Kiken na Wana!" (女名探偵スクルドの事件簿 1 盗まれた三つの秘宝の謎 湯煙に隠された危険な罠!)

Aired: November 9, 1998

Skuld the detective looks for her stolen ice cream, Gan-chan's stolen cheese, and Urd's stolen pickled squid. They investigate Marller, but she is not the thief. Skuld tests two devices to catch the thief at the scene of the crime, but the characters fall asleep without catching anybody. Belldandy appears with a hot pot containing all of the stolen items, and the characters enjoy it while Marller looks on, disgusted.

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