"Phone Me, Darling" "Denwa Shite Dārin" (*電話してダーリン*) Aired: July 27, 1998

Gan-chan tries to clean Keiichi's desk, but trips, bruises himself, and begins hiccuping. Urd cures him with an energy pill, and Gan-chan completes his cleaning. The credits roll, but Gan-chan remarks that it is too early for the show to end. Time moves in reverse, and when Gan-chan repeats his attempt to clean Keiichi's desk he is injured again. Skuld cures Gan-chan this time with a robot named Mr. Helpful. The credits roll again, Gan-chan interrupts once more, and the sequence repeats yet again. This time Gan-chan turns for aid to Belldandy, who orders Gan-chan to ask Skuld and Urd for a cure. When the credits roll for the final time, Belldandy has not yet cured Gan-chan.

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