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Oh My Goddess! Fan LinksEdit

  • Feather This beautifully-designed site has a wealth of information about OMG, and should not be missed.
  • The Goddess Project This site has screenshots and synopses of the latest OMG TV episodes.
  • Sake, Bugs, and Angels - Not just a good info site, this page also has probably the most thriving OMG fan community out there.
  • Open Your Mind This OMG TV fansite is the place to go for detailed comparisons between the TV series and the manga.
  • This domain features a scan gallery of recent images for the new TV Anime, a shrine to the demon Mara, and a weekly updated media page with clips from the latest episodes.
  • Nekomi Kodai (currently down) My friend Ed's site, which has a lot of good info, but probably won't be updated in the near future, since Ed is a medical student now, and not likely to have a lot of time. Still worth a look.
  • Belldandy Angel Feathers A shrine to Belldandy, and includes a lot of media as well as an active forum community.
  • 1-800-GODDESS the approved Oh My Goddess fanlisting.

Official PagesEdit

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