This compilation of Japanese names and terms about Oh My Goddess may help when researching Japanese websites or looking for original publications. While most of it has been validated against Japanese Oh My Goddess books (mostly by non-Japanese speaking persons) it may contain errors. When using search engines for persons' names, they usually give better results when written together, without the space in-between (the Japanese way.) When two different translations are given, the first one indicates the current standard romanization while the second one gives the most frequently used version (so the second one probably is more useful for searching) — which, of course, doesn't mean it is the only "true" one.

Note: Some browsers may have problems displaying the kanji and kana if no corresponding font is installed.

Terms and NamesEdit

  • ああっ女神さまっ — Ah! Megami-sama (Oh My Goddess)
  • 藤島 康介 — Fujishima Kōsuke or Fujishima Kosuke
  • 猫実工大 — Nekomi Kōdai or Nekomi Kodai


  • ベルダンディー — Belldandy (sometimes also ベルダンディ)
  • ウルド — Urd
  • スクルド — Skuld
  • ペイオ―ス — Peorth
  • 森里 螢一 — Morisato Keiichi
  • 森里 恵 — Morisato Megumi
  • 三嶋 沙夜子 — Mishima Sayoko
  • 青嶋 紀元 — Aoshima Toshiyuki
  • 田宮 — Tamiya
  • 大滝 — Ōtaki or Ootaki
  • 長谷川 空 — Hasegawa Sora
  • マーラー — Marller (Mara)
  • ばんぺいくん — Banpei-kun

Seiyū (Voice Actors)Edit

  • 井上 喜久子 — Inoue Kikuko (Belldandy)
  • 冬馬 由美 — Tōma Yumi or Touma Yumi (Urd)
  • 久川 綾 — Hisakawa Aya (Skuld)
  • 菊池 正美 — Kikuchi Masami (Keiichi)
  • 佐久間 レイ — Sakuma Rei (Peorth)
  • 渕崎 ゆり子 — Fuchizaki Yuriko (Megumi)
  • 麻見 順子 — Asami Junko (Sayoko)
  • 飛田 展男 — Tobita Nobuo (Toshiyuki)
  • 梁田 清之 — Yanada Kiyoyuki (Tamiya)
  • 二又 一成 — Futamata Issei (Ootaki)
  • 大谷 育江 — Ōtani Ikue or Ohtani Ikue (Sora)

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