Halval (アールヴァルArubaruÞ?), also known as Halvalth, is a powerful demon follower of Hagall during her coup against Hild. Her name has the 'rune of sound' "Þ" (Thurisaz, Thorn or Thurs). She is known as Ebony Halval, due to her ability to summon a field of darkness within which no light can exist.

Like all of Hagall's subordinates, Halval was considered a 'failure' as a Demon, as she was incapable of learning the more than a single 'skill'. Hild took them in and helped them develop those skills to the point they became some of the strongest Demons in Niflheim.

She made her first appearance during Hagall's usurption of Hild's position as Daimakaichou, and later was the first of Hagall's allies to face Keiichi and the Goddesses when they came to free Hild.

Quickly taking out Urd and Skuld using a combination of her Darkness Field and Sound-based attacks to render them unconcious, Halval attempted to do the same to Belldandy, only to be foiled through the combined effort of Gluhenden-Hurz and Keiichi.

Feigning surrender, she attempted to eliminate them the moment she dropped her Darkness Field, the instantaneous return of light serving to blind her foes, only to be saved from Guhenden-Herz by Belldandy, the Goddess' nobility and desire to avoid the loss of life earning her Halval's key to the next chamber.

Halval is able to 'See' sound in a simillar manner to echolocation, only through use of the eyes. This, combined with her aforementioned ability to summon darkness, and her ability to attack her foes using Sympathetic Resonance, makes her an incredibly dangerous combatant.

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