Chrono is one of the three Goddesses who maintains the Yggdrasil system. Initially appearing in the movie alongside her colleagues Ere and Ex, all three of them then appear in the Manga Chapter 231, opening Chrono's character arc. She is apparently clumsy and has no sense of direction. She was sent to Earth by Peorth to deliver a package to Belldandy. Her story begins when she loses consciousness,drops the package and falls down from the sky right into Keiichi's arms.

She's also had some training from the Valkyries, meaning that she is good in judo. She has a fear of cats because of a childhood experience. Even the mentioning of one or seeing one is enough causes her to faint. In chapter 238 she comes over that fear and admits that she doesn't really hate cats, just that, that experience caused her to dislike them.

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