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The MangaEdit

Volume 1 - Wrong Number

Volume 2 - Leader of the Pack

Volume 3 - Final Exam

Volume 4 - Love Potion No. 9

Volume 5 - Sympathy for the Devil

Volume 6 - Terrible Master Urd

Volume 7 - Queen of Vengeance

Volume 8 - Mara Strikes Back

Volume 9 - Ninja Master

Volume 10 - Miss Keiichi

Volume 11 - The Devil in Miss Urd

Volume 12 - The Fourth Goddess

Volume 13 - Childhood's End

Volume 14 - Queen Sayoko

Volume 15 - Hand in Hand

Volume 16 - Mystery Child

Volume 17 - Traveler

Volume 18 - Phantom Racer

Volume 19 & 20 - Sora Unchained

Volume 21

Volume 22

Adventures of the Mini-Goddesses


The OAVsEdit

Volume 1 - Episodes 1-3 (DVD)

Volume 2 - Episodes 4-5 (DVD)

The Complete Set on VHS - Japanese with English subtitles

The MovieEdit

The Movie (on DVD)

The Movie (on VHS) - Dubbed in English


The Mini-Goddesses TV SeriesEdit

The Adventures of Mini-Goddess - Limited Edition Boxed Set

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