The Auto Club (or Motor Club) is the club that Keiichi takes part at the Nekomi Institute of Technology. Its members change throughout the series. The Auto Club was originally founded and directed by Chihiro Fujimi, and later Tamiya and Otaki take up the reins. Eventually, Keiichi becomes the director (with Tamiya and Otaki becoming "executive directors", of course...). Keiichi then passes along the title to Sora Hasegawa. The Auto Club plays a major part in a good amount of stories.


  • In the manga, Keiichi is the director until volumes 19 & 20, "Sora Unchained". Keiichi decides to pass on the job to Sora (The only girl in the club). Through some complications, it's decided that Sora and Keiichi should race for the title of director. Although Belldandy gets paired with Sora, through some training, a wacky race (Urd "puts da' moves on" Keiichi) and pure skill on both racers' parts, Sora is named the new Director.
  • In the beginning of the TV series "Ah My Goddess" the Auto Club is completely broke and all they do is work out alot.
  • In the movie, the club is abbreviated as NITMCC which probably stands for NIT Motor-Car Club or something similar. Another term used in the production designs for the OVAs is Automobile Club.

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