Ansuz (アンザス), is a goddess, and an Inter-species Romance Trial Officer responsible for summoning and opening the Judgment Gate whenever love blossoms between different species. The most recent time she had to open the Gate was to judge the purity of love between her daughter, Belldandy and the mortal Keiichi Morisato.

She also showed herself to be competent in magical self-defense, effectively sparring with the Daimakaichou Hild after she had arrived. She is also known to have a magical means of communication with her daughters, even across the different dimensions, and telepathic powers appearing to work on humans, and possibly on goddesses, explaining what she could see in Keiichi and that she didn't need to communicate with her daughters whom she hadn't seen for long. She has been on Earth before and had said she would visit her daughters and son-in-law because she enjoys some of the earth things.

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